Max Motamedian

Mohsen Motamedian is a well-known business tycoon in
California. He is not only the founder of Bashari LLC but he is also its CEO.  Max Motamedian is a business tycoon and for his business work, he regularly visits many countries, which include Dubai, France, USA and London, Panama.

Max Motamedian

About Me

Mohsen Motamedian – CEO & Founder of Bashari Inc. in USA

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.

Mohsen Motamedian was born in California and spent his childhood there. He studied at the state school in California itself, and after that, he went to the University of California for higher studies. In the early days, when he was young, he was more interested in electronics, gadgets and science, but as soon as he went to his college, gradually his interest started changing. He started knowing his perspective.

Max loves to invest, so he does not leave any such opportunity which can give him a profit, so he started anti-ageing medicine, aesthetics, dermatology etc. Investments made, due to which they also have to attend conferences related to it. 

Max’s family background is also very good, he belongs to a good family. Apart from business, Max Motamedian is also very interested in sports and photography. When Mohsen was doing his schooling, he also used to participate in many sports activities. He used to play well in individual as well as team events. Because of this he also won many sports prizes.

Mohsen Motamedian


Mohsen Motamedian Panama – Max Motamedian Panama


A founder CEO is an individual who establishes a company and holds its chief executive officer (CEO) position.

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Working Process

Mr Mohsen Motamedian, in addition to his business achievements, is an electronics expert and biomedical engineer who received his bachelor of science from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) in 1991. He has also gained extensive experience in real estate, Internet marketing, and cellular technology.

Work Experience

Motamedian was studying electronics in university, he also developed the skills of digital marketing and the healthcare industry in his spare time, which today this knowledge is proving to be a boon in his business.


In 2008, Mohsen started getting interested in real estate when he founded Bashari LLC. This organization does the work of real estate consultation. Slowly Mohsen made Bashari LLC famous worldwide today with his talent. Now, Bashari has many clients all over the world.


Bashari LLC provides all types of real estate services to its clients, such as buildings, malls, farms, residential spaces, commercials space and many more. Mohsen Motamedian’s dedication has helped the organisation reach new heights. You will also be surprised by Max Motamedian’s lifestyle. 


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What My Clients Says

About Comment/Review – Mohsen Motamedian USA

My experience with this company has been very good.I have been working here last 2 years. It is also a fun place and many opportunity for those who are ambitious
John Doe

This is the first time that I am doing internship and I am really very happy working with Bashari Inc.. They provided me with the best possible learning outcomes.

Jenna Smith

I experience with the company has been very good. Its a place where talent and hardwork is recognised.

Samuel Stevens


Mohsen Motamedian This is a well-known business tycoon in California. He is not only the founder of Bashari LLC but he is also its CEO.